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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine Heart Card

I saw this idea in one of my Family Fun books and had to make it, plus it gave me an excuse to buy suckers.

What you will need:

-Playing cards ( I got mine for a dollar at Walmart)

-Thumbtack or pin

-2 8inch red pipe cleaners

-Red construction paper

-Google eyes





Poke arm and leg holes. For the arms, fit the end of one pipe cleaner through the upper holes through the back of the card. Fit the legs the same way and bend to make feet.

For the head cut a heart out of paper, glue on google eyes, and draw smile. Then, glue the head to the top of the card. Wrap one of the arms around a sucker. You can also put a note in the other hand.


  1. those are too cute, visiting from MBC cute blog!

  2. They are very cute!! I will have to try it out! oh and yes, HTML is kind of fun learning. I still don't have it down though. OH well! :)

  3. You have such a great blog! I found you through entrecard and am so glad I did. I will definitely be trying this craft with my girls..And I look forward to it!


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